Change Log 7.10.21


-Patched NPC AI
–Remove pick pocket attempts
–Avoid “going for the kill”
-Patched DM event tool handling scripts
-Patched weapon-dropping issue
-Patched listed requirements in proficiency selection menus (herbalism)
-Patched damage script
–Whips: When target flat-footed, 50% chance to cause a DC 11 + wielder dex modifier to cause knockdown and attack penalty (-2 for 1-3 rounds)
–Improved feedback when target resists damage due to special DR
–Added special belts that block 3/piercing, 3/slashing, 3/bludgeoning
-Patched treasure dropping scripts to drop the new belts
-Patched Combat Fatigue success to grant mythic constitution
-Patched issue in Astrology, Relics, Runes
-Patched some area transitions
-Patched Astral Projection trait application re: Strong Soul Feat
-Patched Potion Cost bug
-Patched creature remains placeable cleanup
-Patched challenge rating of Animal Cultists

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