Change Log 7.18.21

-Updated site menu and home page
-Minor tweaks to several pages

-Added special plot potions [Top Secret]
-Added special plot NPCs (Dockworker’s Collegia)
-Added new feat/spell scripts
-Added Journal Entries for Mission Statement, Etiquette, Help Menu
-Patched examination tool to reveal additional states (leprosy, those who smell like herbs)
-Patched parry code to reinstate reciprocal parry damage
-Patched collection tasks to increase mythic wisdom gain
-Patched bathing script to remove herby smell
-Patched ruffian ambushes to only happen at night
-Patched weapon break code (parry case, critical miss case)
-Patched damage script for backstab + feint effects
-Patched collection script to identify gathered herbs
-Patched on-spawn code to make Germanic NPCs bigger
-Patched entry code to make Germanic PCs bigger
-Patched equip code for proficiency tool use case
-Patched special damage reduction belts from giving feedback when they shouldn’t
-Patched Pankration logic
-Patched mind immunity problem with astral projection
-Patched new PC scripts to include a towel once again
-Patched religion selection conversation
-Patched background selection (wizards may no longer select entrepreneur, thieves and barbarians may no longer select street fighter)
-Patched proficiency feat granting at higher levels
-Patched resting script to remove Combat Fatigue hit counter
-Patched profession experience point award to scale with level
-Patched console script to offer custom battle cry for Warrior Scream, Devotee of Mars
-Patched on-engage script to use custom battle cries
-Patched customization lever to give correct customization stage feedback
-Patched nwnx_weapon feat availability
-Removed outmoded DM event tools
-Removed werebat models (they have an animation problem)
-Updated Temple Basement area
-Updated Watery Cave area
-Implemented nwsync

-Hak Update
–Added new creatures
–Added new torch items
–Added new base items (tools)
–Added some utility feats
–Added incorporeality feat
–Added weapon group proficiency feats to all PCs
–Added new feathered wing models
–Added special arrow shot visual effects
–Updated portrait pack (creature portraits)
–Added new throwable item appearances
–Expertise now grants +4/-4
–Power Attack now grants +4/-4
–Stealthy Feat now grants +4/+4
–Added sorting code to custom feats in list
–Updated icons for religions and a few feats
–Added new load screens (Thanks Red!)

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