Change Log 7.2.21

-Updated Germanic Shaman page
-Updated Respawning page

-Crafting system
–Alchemy completely revised
–Herbalism completely revised
–Some herbs can now be used raw
–All herbs have descriptions
–Potions now cost only GP, but are very expensive
–Potions cast at 10 caster level
–Normal crafting cooldowns apply
–Alchemy reagents that don’t drop sold in stores
-Death system
–Players now get 3/3 respawns
–Respawns remaining display on login
–Updated Shade appearance script
–Updated new player info box
–Bathwater now cleanses you
–Revised alchemist fire script
–Germanic Shamans no longer dual wield
–Added new Mithraic store
–Added Mithras conversion book
–Added new Mithraic divine essence
–Give new Mithraic essence to new Mithraic PCs
–Familiars/Projections now turn invisible in stealth
–Removed unequip debug message
–Germanic Back Detection¬† now works off of total Germanic hit dice
–Updated Totem Carver requirements
–Cleaned up Back Detection messages
-Astral Projection patch
–Falldown animation fixed for possessor
–Item drop still busted
-Level up system
–Patched requirements for paladin level ups
-Console system
–Updated respawns remaining check
-Resting system
–Resting variable removal (henbane, cleanliness, perfume)
-Examination system
–Players can now see who has bathed or used perfume

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