Change Log 7.30.21

-Added Weapon Proficiencies to menu

-Patched some scripts for divide by zero
-Patched Spike Growth to inflict magic damage
-Patched login scripts to remove retired templates
-Patched existing journal entry length
-Patched journals to include proficiency based work
-Patched docks sewer grate lock status
-Patched shield wall hireling mechanics
-Patched area remains cleanup scripts
-Patched Devotee of Mars ability for NPCs
-Patched fine dress item description
-Patched spell failure for areas
-Patched NPC positions at Castra Vetera
-Patched variables for leather armor
-Patched various scripts for Top Secret quest template option
-Patched herbalism herb identification
-Patched Falling Sickle effects
-Added special Top Secret quest template potions + scripts
-Added Bone Sickle appearance
-Added 2-handed tools

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