Change Log 7.8.21


-Patched area clean-up scripts
-Patched pagan sacrifice mechanics
-Patched some NPC stats
-Patched herbalism proficiency
-Patched Sprint feature so you cannot sprint while fatigued
-Patched Rhine Crossing area so it is restable
-Patched on-equip system for proficiency/weapon access
-Patched Evil Eye DM tool
-Patched perception radius of boar spawns
-Patched combat log feedback (ongoing)
-Patched bard song death ward duration
-Patched Combat Fatigue to add feedback
-Patched access to Pathfinder kit
-Patched hostility scripts for arena/fighting ring
-Patched divine essence dropping from hirelings
-Patched Astral Projection traits
–Strong Soul feat now imparts benefits to the projection
–Projection now matches PC phenotype/hair color
–Projection no longer functions in OOC room
–Projection no longer drops gear
-Patched NPC revenant to match Returned One stats
-Patched droppable weapons issue (ongoing)
-Patched Mithraic Paladin kit to receive ambidexterity for free
-Patched NPC resource dropping
-Patched requirements to use Chimera Blood
-Patched chargen scripts to stop giving out certain items
-Patched Examine Feat feedback for bathing, perfume
-Patched resting script to remove spells from Non-Mithraic Paladins

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