Change Log 8.1.21


-Patched incorporeal enemies to be inflicting negative energy damage only
-Patched damage script for extra damage sources
-Patched undead creatures to no longer have crit immunity
-Patched herbalism (removed special ability from woundwart)
-Patched damage script for torch damage effects
-Patched thief henchman appearance
-Patched random conversation so that orators, enchantment focus provides automatic success
-Patched astrology script to be unusable in combat
-Patched astrology for issue buffing NPCs
-Patched astrology to link effects
-Patched astrology to give unique benefits for Charlatans
–Unique AC bonus
–Unique DR
–Unique damage shield
–Uses Intelligence instead of wisdom, provides mythic intelligence bonus
-Patched resting script to remove astrology timers
-Patched enemies doing pick pocket attempts in combat
-Patched damage script to show feint rolls no matter result
-Patched temple basement placeables (no more spooky floating)
-Patched temple basement portal
-Patched customization script for philosopher mage progressing to deity selection
-Patched proficiency script for mathematician being selectable twice
-Patched Roman Politician, Socialite kit requirements
-Patched Spectacle script
–Provides some mythic dexterity gain
–Improved Felix benefits
–Now useable in combat
–Patched number of uses before stage props wear out
–Set Vanish variable on new Charlatans
-Patched mini-spider appearance
-Patched appearance of new journal entries

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