Change Log 8.3.2020 (part 2)

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-New hak file
-New tlk file
-Removed evocation spells from Domain Spell Lists
-Added new feats
-Removed access to crafting feats (scribe scroll, brew potion, craft wand)
-Removed Barkskin visual effect (the spell still functions as normal)
-Experimental script to screw up your weapon when you use it to bash doors or other objects that are not squishy creatures
-DM tool to make revenants
-DM tool to raise dead PCs
-Added various feedback messages
-Fix for too hot resting
-Updated module weather (cooler temps)
-Updated module config behavior
-Removed spells
–Ice Storm, Acid Arrow, Evard’s Tentacles
-Updated Alchemist Fire item effects
-Updated certain time scripts to account for micro-lag
-Updated customization conversation to automatically apply certain feats
-Updated rogue feats (removed sneak attack, added backstab & feint)
-Updated wizard feats (removed scribe scroll)

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