Feature Type: Kit
Description: A Charlatan is a clever rogue who uses charisma and stage magic to impress the gullible into believing he has magical powers. Charlatans pretend to be able to foretell the future, predict and control the weather, cast charms, blessings, and curses, or speak with the dead in order to bilk or intimidate those around them.


Special Benefits:
-Access to Astrology, Herbalism, and Disguise non-weapon proficiencies
-Begins with +6 bonus to Use Magic Device due to familiarity with magical items

Special Hindrances:
-Limited Weapon Proficiencies: dagger, dart, shortsword, sling, staff
-Loses access to Backstab
-Has to buy stage props

Spectacle: Using props and a variety of tricks of their trade, Charlatans can produce believable effects. Spectacles are based on Pick Pocket skill, since it represents sleight of hand and proper stage methods. Each use of Spectacle degrades their stage props, and stage props items can be used to change the nature of a Spectacle. Spectacles cannot be used in the middle of combat. Spectacle effects improve with level but suffer -5 modifier if the stage props break and are not replaced. The effects of Spectacle are shared with allies.

Felix: This spectacle calls upon the gods for luck, using small idols and totems dedicated to the gods. Felix grants a bonus to attack, damage, fortitude saves, and will saves for 10 rounds.

Vanish: This spectacle entails the use of smoke to cause brief invisibility for 10 rounds. At level 7, the effect of Vanish provides improved invisibility.

Recovery: Spring-loaded blades that fake injuries and pre-stained clothes are just part of this spectacle, which allows a Charlatan to recover from wounds, overcome fatigue and even remove some attack penalties at later levels.

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