Class: Druid

Feared for their ability to unite the Celtic Tribes, Druids are seers, natural philosophers, and impartial mediators. These are the traditional priests and priestesses of the Celts.

The druids’ central belief was in the indestructability of the universe and the souls of men and women. They taught that when a person died their soul would be born in a new body.

The druids were members of a distinguished class in Gaul and were afforded special privileges. They were exempt from taxes and military service and their person was inviolable.

Historians argue whether the natural philosophy of the druids originated independently of any outside influence, or whether it shares some origin with Pythagoreanism.

Druids receive a -4 reaction penalty from Romans, due to their reputation for human sacrifice in their gore-speckled groves. While the Celts slew most of their war captives out of hand in the belief that the gods would exchange the lives of the prisoners for those of the badly wounded Celts, most sacrifices were made to Lugh, the Sun God. He was a Celtic deity of war, healing, fertility, and the guardian of his people against pestilence and hostile arms. His offers were hung in oak trees, ritually wounded, and then slain.

Primary Class Attribute: Wisdom

d6 Hit Dice
Modified Spells
Modified Animal Companions

Required Ethnicity:

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