Class: Fighter

Fighters are among the most common and diverse class encountered; they can be found serving in the legion as legionaries, centurions, military tribunes, or even as ambitious Roman politicians who study the tactics and philosophy of warfare. Fighters are also commonly found in the Arenas as gladiators and in the crowded alleys as street fighters among many others. Among all warrior-type classes, fighters posses the most skill and expertise with both weapon and armor.

A fighter can select any Origin, and has no base restrictions on Social Standing, Birthright or Religion outside of those imposed by the selected Origin.

Primary Class Attribute: Strength
17 STR is required for a PC to Dual-Class into a Fighter.

Depending on Origin & Religion a Fighter may choose the following kits: Brawler, Christian Missionary, Gladiator, Entrepreneur, Fomorion Blood, Houndmaster, Military Tribune, Night Watch, Riastarthae, Roman Auxiliary, Roman Legionary, Roman Politician, Sicarii, Sidhe Blood. Socialite, Street Fighter

– Bonus Fighter Feats (Origin, Kit and Religion Dependent)

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