Class: Wizard

Aside from the sinister witches native to contemporary Roman literature, the learned knew of several near-mythical foreign magi whose legendary exploits formed the ancient traditions of magic. Wizardly characters could belong to secret schools or guilds tracing their magical knowledge back to one of these founders of the mystic arts.

The wizards Apsurus of Media, Marmarus of Babyolnia, Tarmoendas of Assyria, Zoratus of Media, and Zoroaster of Persia were believed to have founded the arcane arts thousands of years of ago. Each was reputed to have written rare books that could instruct the lucky finder in the arts of sorcery. Other mages left powerful legacies, such as Dardanus of Troy, who was thought to be a powerful magician. The long-dead Greek philosophers Pythagorus and Democrites were believed to have dabbled in magic and recorded their secrets in books that have been lost to time.

Critics of harmful wizardly magic include some noteworthy philosophers, stoics, and Epicureans.

Due to their having to piece together bits of arcane knowledge scattered so long ago, wizards must complete an intelligence test before taking any new level.

If a wizard has access to an arcane library, it is possible to use a crafting check to gain experience points based on scientific study.

Modified Spells
Modified Familiars
Scientific Study
Wizard Only Henchman

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