Combination Attack

Feature Type: Combo Attack
Use: Automatic for Street Fighters meeting requisites
Effect: Characters with the Street Fighter kit may make an extra attack roll against an opponent they have already struck. If successful, the Street Fighter inflicts an additional 1d4 damage to their target. Higher lever Street Fighters may make up to two additional rolls, resulting in a 3-hit combo if both such rolls are successful.

Street Fighting Check: Combo Attack
Roll 1d20 + Strength Modifier + Character Level vs. DC equal to the target creature AC

Level 1-2: No effects
Level 3-5: One additional combo attack attempt every 2d3 rounds
Level 6+: Two additional combo attack attempts every 2d3 rounds


  • Dirty Fighting feat improves a Street Fighter’s effective level by +2 for the purpose of determining extra attacks and for their Street Fighting Check
  • The DC is using the target creature AC, not counting any special modifiers such as protection from evil
  • Failing a combo attack roll does not force a Street Fighter to reset their cooldown. They can immediately attempt to combo again as soon as they hit an enemy
  • Combo attack has a chance to knock foes down if they fail a saving throw (DC 13 for 2 hit combo, DC 15 for 3 hit combo)
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