Critical Failures (Combat)

Feature Type: Script
Use: Automatic
Effect: Characters participating in melee or ranged combat have a chance of suffering undesirable outcomes as a result of rolling a natural 1.

In order to suffer a unique critical failure effect, a character must also roll a 1 on a secondary d6 roll. Then, they are entitled to a reflex saving throw to avoid the critical failure effect.

Critical failure effects are a follows:
1) Overextended: The character overextends their reach and is temporarily off-balance. They suffer -2 to reflex saves and -2 to attack rolls for one round.
2) Slip and fall: The character slips as a result of their critical failure, falling down for 3 seconds.
3) Weapon degraded: The character misoperates their weapon severely, causing damage to it.
4) Weapon fumble: The character loses their grip on their weapon, dropping it on the ground.

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