Critical Hits

Feature Type: Script
Use: Automatic
Effect: On a successful critical hit, an attacker has a chance to inflict additional effects on his or her target. The attacker’s weapons are evaluated for special materials, along with the target’s armor and materials. A 1d12 roll is made and the sum of all severity modifiers totaled up.

Depending on the result, the target can suffer penalties ranging from attack penalty, spell failure, and movement penalty. These penalties can be negated by a successful Fortitude Save vs. Death, the DC is 10 + 1/2 the attacker’s level plus his or her strength bonus.

-Anatomy proficiency increases the DC of the Save vs. Death by +2, and increases the Critical Severity by +2
-Stroke of Precision Feat increases the Critical Severity by +12, but only for close-range attacks
-Weapon Size factors into Critical Severity

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