Druidic Sub-Kits

Feature Type: Various
Use: Automatic with action (see notes)
Effect: Druids on The Rhine have the ability to select from four different sub-kits which impart various abilities. They must make this selection at a Sacrificial Altar.

Ovate Druid:
-Gains access to Astrology Proficiency
-Gains a +5 to Astrology Proficiency
-Gains access to a special tier of Astrology Proficiency, which imparts +2 AC and +2 Reflex save
-Gains immunity to Backstab
-Gains physical damage reduction equal to Wisdom modifier
-Unable to wear armor (auto-unequips)

-Gains access to the Herbalism Proficiency
-Gains access to the Survival Proficiency
-Receives a special Druidic Henchman at level 6
-Gains access to Fast Recovery
-Bonus +2 to all physical attributes
-Unable to wear armor (auto-unequips)

-Gains access to Avenger Lightning (widget, for now, will be a feat later)
-Gains access to Spirit of Flame and Spirit of Lightning
–Types -fire or -lightning to invoke the elemental spirit
–Inflicts 1d4+1 elemental damage once per round, reflex save to avoid
–Gains damage immunity to the currently selected element
-Able to wear armor

Fallen Druid:
-Gains access to Falling Sickle +1
-Gains Wrath of Cailleach, causes -2 AC and -2 saves vs. death when affecting hostile targets with spells, fortitude save vs. death to avoid
-Gains healing from being targeted with negative energy damage
-Able to wear armor

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