Dual-Class Characters

Feature Type: Script
Use: Level up
Effect: A version of Dual-Classing has been added on The Rhine. The details of Dual Classing are as follows and apply to all characters.

-A character may only ever take a second class
-A character must take their second class, if they take one, by 6th level (so they end at 5/5)
-A character can dual-class earlier, but may never return to the first class
-In order to qualify for the second class, a character must possess an attribute score of 17 in the new classes prime attribute, or have an exceptional background such as Fomorion Blood or Sidhe Blood
–The primary attributes for the classes are as follows: Barbarian (STR), Celtic Bard (CHA), Celtic Druid (WIS), Fighter (STR), Mithraic Paladin (CHA), Priest (WIS), Ranger (STR), Thief (DEX),  Wizard (INT)

-Characters whose first character class is a spellcasting class will find their spells disabled as a result of dual-classing. Spellcasting is unlocked once the character’s second class equals or exceeds their first character class

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