There are two topics of etiquette on The Rhine. The first is conduct in general, the second is very specifically the expectations placed upon gladiators in the arena.


  • Be cool, have fun, nothing else to it. Addendum: No politics.

General Etiquette

  • PVP: The Rhine is intended to provide an exciting setting for player versus player encounters. While mutual consent is not required, it is asked that there be an in-character reason for PVP.
  • Exploitation: The Rhine is intended to be a fair and credible place for contests and advancement, so any form of technical exploit is strictly prohibited.
  • “Muling” or transferring any item from one character to another with the same CD-Key (same player of two characters) results in automatic item deletion.
  • No sexual acts on the Rhine server.
  • Make It Roman: Historical Fantasy is about celebrating antiquity, so everyone should do their best to portray the era of the 3rd century AD. This creative anachronism precludes the use of modern-day curse words, for example.

Gladiatorial Etiquette

  • Gladiators are expected to fight at least once a month in the arena, even freedmen.
  • Gladiators take a vow: “I will endure to be burned by fire, to be bound, and to be beaten. And to die by the sword.” Also called “receiving the iron,” a gladiator is expected to face death with honor.
  • Gladiators may surrender by raising a finger or by placing their helmet at the feet of the one they surrender to.