• Be cool, have fun, nothing else to it. Addendum: No bragging, No politics.

General Etiquette

  • PVP: The Rhine is intended to provide an exciting setting for player versus player encounters. While mutual consent is not required, it is asked that there be an in-character reason for PVP.
  • Exploitation: The Rhine is intended to be a fair and credible place for contests and advancement, so any form of technical exploit is strictly prohibited.
  • “Muling” or transferring any item from one character to another with the same CD-Key (same player of two characters) results in automatic item deletion.
  • No sexual acts on the Rhine server.
  • Make It Roman: Historical Fantasy is about celebrating antiquity, so everyone should do their best to portray the era of the 3rd century AD. This creative anachronism precludes the use of modern-day curse words, for example.

Gladiatorial Etiquette

  • Gladiators are expected to fight at least once a month in the arena, even freedmen.
  • Gladiators take a vow: “I will endure to be burned by fire, to be bound, and to be beaten. And to die by the sword.” Also called “receiving the iron,” a gladiator is expected to face death with honor.
  • Gladiators may surrender by raising a finger or by placing their helmet at the feet of the one they surrender to.

PVP Etiquette Expanded
Player verses player is allowed and encouraged. Sometimes people choose weapons in order to solve their problems.

Before or after engaging in PVP, feel free to drop a message in the DM channel. However, it is not required that you do this.

-PCs have numerous ways to avoid remaining dead, and murder is illegal! So, be careful when you choose to PVP, as there may be consequences to follow.
-Don’t abuse area transitions or exploit any game mechanic that is not in keeping with role-playing logic.
-Always set your enemy/enemies hostile so that spells, special abilities, and auto-attacks work properly.

-If you win at PVP, please do not boast OOC. If a PC disarms themselves, the battle is clearly won. Accepting surrender is considered honorable IC and OOC, and though it is not expressly required that you do so, the PC surrendering will most definitely appreciate it.

-Yield/disarm yourself if you are losing and do not want to be killed.
-Losing is IC; please respect being bound, or held in prison if you have yielded in battle.
-If the winner asks you to hand over your weapon, it is considered good form to do so. Imprisonment
-Your character can become imprisoned. This should not last longer than 24 hours, so feel free to contact a DM if your situation seems to be dragging on too long.
-Outcomes from imprisonment can lead to fines, indentured servitude, being sold into slavery and becoming a gladiator, and crucifixion (permanent death).

Regarding Equipment Customization
The Rhine offers a wide range of customization options for equipment. Feel free to experiment with different looks to make your character unique and truly yours, but please try to keep within the setting and theme; we’re in Ancient Rome, and magic is an subtle and mystical force. Naturally occurring colors are much more likely to be seen, and things such as glowing swords of light, swirling magical weapons, and energy shields are very out of place.