Germanic Shaman

Feature Type: Kit
Description: You were destined to be just another hunter, but the gods had another plan. You may have been mauled by a beast or nearly died from disease, leaving your physical body broken but putting you closer to the gods and spirits.

-Germanic Pagan
-Germanic Ethnicity

Special Benefits:
-Access to Astrology, Herbalism, and Survival non-weapon proficiencies
-Astral Projection

Special Hindrances:
-Limited Weapon Proficiencies: dagger, handaxe, sling, spear, staff
-Begins with only 2 known weapon proficiencies, instead of 4 like a normal Ranger
-Loses 2 weapon fighting feat

Astral Projection: A Germanic Shaman may transcend their physical form. While projected, the Germanic Shaman can explore and fight, but earns no experience points. The projection ends when the shaman wills it or if defeated in combat.

Crippled: In exchange for the powers a Germanic Shaman receives, they all possess serious injuries or physical deformities. A Germanic Shaman suffers 1.5 times normal damage from any source and only inflicts half normal damage while bound to their physical form. Additionally, any critical misses receive no confirmation roll, so any roll of 1 in combat calls for a reflex save and will lead to a detrimental effect if failed.

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