Illusory Construct

Feature Type: Henchman (special)
Use: Wizard only, see below
Effect: Characters with the wizard class can utilize certain places of power or scientific study to synthesize magical knowledge into a temporary construct.

Illusory Construct Effects
Illusory Constructs attack with AB equal to wizard attack bonus + intelligence modifier. Targets that are hit receive a Will save vs. DC  9+ wizard intelligence modifier, passing the save means no damage inflicted as target disbelieves the effect. All damage inflicted is converted to magic damage (henchman uses a normal +1 dagger base) +1d4 bonus damage. The size of an Illusory Construct as well as its hit dice are set at the time of its creation.

Illusory Construct Traits
Illusory Constructs are incorporeal forms of semi-permanent illusions. The normal 50% miss chance associated with striking incorporeal targets applies, as well as 10/+1 damage reduction and fast healing 1.

Concentration Penalty
If the wizard controlling an Illusory Construct is damaged in any way, he must make a saving throw vs. DC 10 plus the damage inflicted. Failure means that the Illusory Construct loses 1d6 hit points.


  • If a wizard has spell focus: illusion, the DC of the illusion effect is +2
  • If a wizard has greater spell focus: illusion, the DC of the illusion effect is +2
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