Improved Parry

Feature Type: Script
Use: Automatic
Effect: A character who selects Improved Parry feat and who is not currently using parry mode gains a passive chance to parry an attack. The defender rolls 1d20 plus their parry skill and any relevant modifiers vs. the attacker’s discipline skill and any relevant modifiers. If successful, the defender negates an amount of damage equal to their intelligence modifier plus 1 for every 5 points in Parry. With each successful parry performed, a -4 penalty is applied to the defender’s skillcheck for six seconds; this stacks on itself and is uncapped.

-This action requires at least 5 ranks modified Parry score
-If the defender has 5 or more ranks in Concentration, they receive a +2 on their parry check
-A melee weapon must be equipped in order to use improved parry
-Only attacks made with melee weapons can be parried
-If the defender is using a shield, the shield’s armor check penalty is applied to the roll
-Tower shields disable the improved parry function entirely

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