Mythic Attributes

Feature Type: Script
Use: Automatic with action (see notes)
Effect: Characters on The Rhine automatically gain attribute points by performing certain actions over time. Initial gains are relatively easy to obtain, whereas subsequent bonuses become progressively harder to achieve. Attribute points are awarded one point at a time to a maximum of plus four in any given attribute.

Mythic Attribute accrual is tracked on a scale of 0-2500 per attribute: (type -mythic to see your accruals)
100: +1 relevant attribute
500: +2 relevant attribute
1500: +3 relevant attribute
2500: +4 relevant attribute

Mythic Strength gains:
-hitting creatures with melee weapons
-receiving bull’s strength (potion or spell)
-using a prybar to open containers

Mythic Dexterity gains:
-hitting creatures with ranged weapons
-receiving cat’s grace (potion or spell)
-using lockpicks to open containers
-disarming traps on containers

Mythic Constitution gains:
-sustaining physical damage inflicted by creatures
-receiving endurance (potion or spell)
-succeeding at fort save when drinking alchohol

Mythic Intelligence gains:
-casting magic on creatures as a wizard
-receiving fox’s cunning (potion or spell)
-searching debris piles
-using Mythic Tomes
-using Adamas
-using Prisms of Protection

Mythic Wisdom gains:
-casting magic on creatures as cleric, druid, paladin, or ranger
-receiving owl’s wisdom (potion or spell)
-applying bandages (more with Anatomy proficiency)

Mythic Charisma gains:
-roleplaying with others
-receiving eagle’s splendor (potion or spell)

-Other tasks as designated may provide incremental accrual toward Mythic Attribute gains

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