Mythic Tomes

Feature Type: Script
Use: Wizard only, see below
Effect: Characters with the wizard class can utilize certain tomes associated with the writings of great and legendary mythic wizards.

Mythic Tome Use
Mythic Tomes are utilized by equipping them into the right hand slot during the resting action. The wizard makes a roll modified by his intelligence modifier and wizard level. The DC is equal to 10 plus the level of the wizard. If successful, the wizard gains a variety of helpful effects for 4 hours. If unsuccessful, nothing happens.

Repeated Use Benefit
Mythic Tomes are written in the eccentric format of wide ranging wizards. Becoming familiar with their intricacies takes time and repetition, but every 5 attempts made grants the wizard a +1 to his roll for that specific tome.

Tome Specifics:
Celtic tomes provide concealment and illusion related ability.
Persian tomes provide a revealing and light related ability.
Syrian tomes provide a divination and attack related ability.
Egyptian tomes provide a necromancy and negative energy related ability.
Greek tomes provide an alteration and boosting related ability.


  • Even a failed attempt counts toward the Repeated Use Benefit of a tome
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