Paladin (Mithraic)

Feature Type: Class
Use: Character generation
Effect: A character who takes the paladin class in character generation is always considered a Mithraic Paladin.

Mithras is a Persian deity imported to Rome mostly by soldiers. He is a deity of truth, light, and secret initiations. Mithras is often referred to as the Lord of Light and is associated with bull sacrifice and the sun.

Special Abilities
A Mithraic Paladin has the ordinary abilities assigned to a normal paladin, with the addition of the following.

Flames of Mithras
Whenever a Mithraic Paladin strikes an undead creature with a weapon, he deals an extra 1d4 points of fire damage.

A Mithraic Paladin casts a different version of Bless Weapon spell. This version grants +1 attack bonus vs. evil, +1 damage vs. evil, and +1d6 fire damage vs. evil.

A Mithraic Paladin who uses his Lay on Hands ability to harm undead deals fire damage on a successful touch attack.

Special Hindrances
Like a normal paladin, the Mithraic Paladin must avoid evil acts or lose the ability to progress in his primary class. He must also succeed at a special trial every time he levels up, or lose his current level.

Whenever he takes a new level, he must roll a constitution check vs. DC 10+ the new level. A Mithraic Paladin that attains level 2 must roll his constitution vs. DC 12 or lose 500 experience points. A Mithraic Paladin that attains level 10 must roll his constitution vs. DC 20 or lose 500 experience points.

A Mithraic Paladin can Dual-Class into other classes for which he is eligible, but he must succeed at the same level check specified above. A character who is a cleric and a Priest of the Mysteries can take Paladin as a second class without penalty, representing his induction into the cult of Roman Mithraism.

Primary Class Attribute: Charisma

-A paladin can only select Mystery Cults for his religion because of his devotion to Mithras.

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