Prism of Protection

Feature Type: Script
Use: Automatic (during resting)
Effect: A wizard who possesses a Prism of Protection may make a special spellcraft roll to attempt to absorb incoming physical damage. The spellcraft roll must beat a DC of 10 plus the damage dealt by the incoming attack.

If the spellcraft roll is successful, the character lowers incoming damage by an amount equal to the wizard’s Intelligence modifier, plus 1 additional point for every five ranks in Spellcraft.

-Spell Focus Abjuration decreases the DC of the check by 2 points
-Greater Spell Focus Abjuration decreases the DC by an additional 2 points
-Physical damage and magic damage can be absorbed by a Prism of Protection, but no elemental damage can be resisted
-The Prism of Protection breaks after absorbed 100 points of damage

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