Protective Amulets

Feature Type: Script
Use: Equip amulet
Effect: When a character dons an amulet decorated with symbols from their religion, they receive benefits based upon their total character level.

Usable by all characters:


Usable by characters of a religion:

The Amulet of Adonai (Jewish)
The Amulet of Bellona Virtus (State Religion)
The Amulet of Iron Can’t Bite (Germanic Pagans)
The Amulet of Isis (Mystery Cults)
The Amulet of Sheela Na Gig (Celtic)
The Amulet of St. Laurentius (Christian)
The Amulet of Sucellus (Celtic)

Specialty Use:

The Amulet of Mars (Devotees of Mars)
The Amulet of Mithras (Mithraic Paladins or Mystery Priests with Fire Domain)

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