Feature Type: Script
Use: Stygian Waters
Effect: Characters who meet the appropriate requirements can become Revenants. A character must be evil-aligned and have no more respawns available in order to acquire this template.

A Revenant’s type changes to Undead.

Armor Class:
A Revenant’s AC is the same as the base creature.

Special Attacks:
Vengeful Strike (Su): Against the creature that killed it previously, a Revenant inflicts +1d10 damage with every strike.

Special Qualities:
Damage Reduction (Ex): A Revenant gains damage reduction 5/+1.
Darkvision (Ex): A Revenant sees well in areas with zero illumination.
Turn Resistance (Ex): A Revenant is highly resistant to turning attempts.
Fast Healing (Ex): Each round, a Revenant heals 3 points of damage.
Immunities (Ex): A Revenant is immune to acid, cold, electricity, and polymorphing.
Undead Traits (Ex): A Revenant is undead and is therefore immune to critical hits, death magic, disease, fear, level or ability drain, mind-affecting, paralysis, or poison effects.

A Revenant gains +4 to his Strength score, and a +2 to his Charisma score.

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