Saintly Characters

Feature Type: Script
Use: Holy Waters
Effect: Characters with the Christian religion who meet a few additional requirements can become saintly PCs. A Christian must be good-aligned and at least level 6 to acquire this template.

A saintly PC’s type changes to Outsider.

Armor Class:
A saintly PC gains a dodge bonus equal to +4.

Special Attacks:
Holy Touch (Su): +1d6 damage when striking evil foes. Undead receive double damage from divine damage.
Affect Incorporeal (Su): A saintly PC suffers no miss-chance when attacking an incorporeal creature.

Special Qualities:
Damage Reduction (Ex): A saintly PC gains damage reduction 5/evil.
Divine Grace (Ex): A saintly PC adds her charisma modifier to her saving throw rolls.
Fast Healing (Ex): Each round, a saintly PC heals damage equal to half of her hit dice.
Immunities (Ex): A saintly PC is immune to acid, cold, electricity, and flesh to stone.
Keen Vision (Ex): A saintly PC has darkvision.
Protective Aura (Su): A saintly PC is immune to mind-affecting effects.
Resistances (Ex): A saintly PC has fire resistance 10 and receives a +4 bonus on Fortitude saves against poison.
Unbridled Soul (Su): A saintly PC can leave the Underworld freely. She needs not suffer the pagan rituals of the Roman death cult any longer.

A saintly PC gains +2 to her Constitution and +2 Wisdom score, and a +4 to her Charisma score.

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