Setting Expectations

As we solidify our philosophy for DMing on The Rhine, we invite you to read about the following topics which we feel will help to set expectations, particularly in the case of interacting with Dungeon masters.

Dungeon masters are always following a strain of logic behind their events and encounters. Enemies spawned and challenges posed must always possess some manner of well-developed reasoning behind them.

Dungeon masters are going to be approachable and communicate respectfully. They will encourage players to take action and explore the setting and its various themes, and players will find their own plots being encouraged to take shape and influence the overall shared narrative. Dungeon masters will attempt to challenge players in various ways, but without creating situations that result in immediate death.

Communication with Dungeon masters
Dungeon masters are here to be communicated with. If you wish to express something about the server or even simply share a funny, please do feel free to do so. If you do not receive a reply in-game on the DM channel, don’t be afraid to contact a Dungeon master directly via discord.

Each Dungeon master has different preferences and ways of communicating, but you should still feel free to ask questions or present ideas.

A Dungeon master by their very nature must withhold certain information in order to establish mystery and run good plots. Our stories have secret moving parts and we’d rather not spoil them. But, if you ever have a complaint about a Dungeon master or a story or event, feel free to reach out to any Dungeon master. Venting is okay.

Dungeon masters generally want to have fun, too! So, just try to keep a good tone and remember that even the best of us also have a bad day. You can contact a Dungeon master about anything. Plots you want, assistance that you need, screenshots you wish to share (Pliny likes combat logs), RP you’ve done, or to request to interact with NPCs.

Be advised, Dungeon masters will kill your character. At some point in time, everybody experiences loss or failure, these things are simply part of the game. If things become frustrating or annoying or you feel that a Dungeon master is treating you unfairly, contact us. We want to hear from you.

Ultimately, each PC will have a somewhat different experience. This is inevitable due to having multiple Dungeon masters in different time zones, and how your PC has interacted with NPCs before. Try as we might, cannot truly provide a uniform experience, though we will always attempt to remain consistent.

Finally, Dungeon masters are not their NPCs. The way an NPC reacts is not indicative of how a Dungeon master feels. As Dungeon masters, we have the job of portraying many different personalities and reactions. DM plots are player-driven. How things proceed is truly a reaction to the input the player provides. NPCs tend to remember things, the overall narrative is being shaped constantly, and any narrative leads to someplace with eventual results. The input provided by the PC will create various levels of fame and infamy across the NPC cast.

In conclusion, Dungeon masters want players to enjoy their plots and want to see the players succeed. But, we cannot afford to twist or alter the setting or historical precedent in order to ensure that PCs always do succeed.

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