Shield Block

Feature Type: Script
Use: Automatic with shield equipped
Effect: A character who employs a shield while in combat is entitled to a roll to reduce physical damage once per round. A discipline skill roll vs. DC 13 must be made in order to reduce damage equal to the AC of the shield equipped.

Damage can occur to the shield if the attacker succeeds on a contested discipline roll. Small shields have 10 HP, large shields have 20 HP, and tower shields have 30 HP. A shield that takes too much damage is destroyed. Attackers with less than 13 strength cannot degrade a shield.

-Shield Block suffers a -10 to the discipline check if an attack originates from behind; this penalty is reduced to -4 by blindfight feat
-Shield Block is twice as effective for Legionaries and Military Tribunes, and their shields are treated as having more HP

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