Volley Attack

Feature Type: Volley Attack
Use: Automatic (on attack)
Effect: Characters with the Roman Auxiliary kit may make an extra attack roll against an opponent they have already struck with a ranged weapon. If successful, the Auxiliary inflicts an additional 1d6 damage to their target. Higher lever Auxiliaries may make up to two additional rolls, resulting in a 3-hit attack if both such rolls are successful.

Auxiliary Check: Volley Attack
Roll 1d20 + Dexterity Modifier + Character Level vs. DC equal to the target creature AC

Level 1-2: No effects
Level 3-5: One additional combo attack attempt every turn
Level 6+: Two additional combo attack attempts every turn


  • Point Blank Shot feat improves an Auxiliaries effective level by +2 for the purpose of determining extra attacks and for their Auxiliary Check
  • The DC is using the target creature AC, not counting any special modifiers such as protection from evil
  • Failing an Auxiliary roll does not force a Auxiliary to reset their cooldown. They can immediately attempt to combo again as soon as they hit an enemy
  • Volley Attack has a chance to hamper movement rate if foes fail a saving throw (DC 13 for 2 hit combo, DC 15 for 3 hit combo)
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