Weapon Proficiency

Feature Type: Script
Use: Equip
Effect: All characters select Weapon Proficiencies as part of character generation and when leveling up.

Weapon Proficiency System Details
-Warriors (Barbarian, Fighter, Mithraic Paladin & Ranger) select 4 weapon proficiencies at level 1
-Non-warriors select 2 weapon proficiencies at level 1.
-All characters select a new weapon proficiency at levels 4, 7, and 10.
-Weapon selection varies by character class.
-Using a weapon one is not proficient with is possible, but carries an attack penalty. For warriors this attack penalty is -2. For non-warriors, the attack penalty is -4.
–If the penalty for using a weapon the the character is not proficient with reduces attack bonus to one or lower, the weapon cannot be equipped.
-Weapons a character is not proficient with cannot be used in the off-hand.

Weapon Specialization
Only Fighters can specialize in a weapon. Specialization carries the following benefits.
-Plus one base attack bonus (this can grant an extra attack)
-Plus two damage bonus (according to weapon type, bludgeoning, piercing, slashing)
-Plus two critical severity modifier (on top of what a given weapon may grant and other modifiers)

Supported Weapons on The Rhine include:
Javelin – adds strength damage,  receives plus 2 critical severity
Light hammer
Scimitar – receives plus 2 critical severity
Shortbow – receives plus 2 critical severity
Sling – receives plus 2 critical severity

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