Why use AD&D resources for your games?

On occasion, I am asked why I hold fast to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons resources. One simple answer may be that it is how I was introduced to the game!

The 2nd Edition ruleset represents a system that was playtested in closed tabletop groups for thousands upon thousands of hours. While some of the conventions such as demihuman’s upper-level limits have not aged very well, the discerning DM will find this edition of the Player’s Handbook to be a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration.

Whether it be timeless interpretations of the classes, spells, or even the proficiency system, nearly all of this content is readily transferable to D&D games of any edition. That is not to mention that over time these books have become considerably valuable as collector’s items.

Did you know that clerics and druids had their spell lists filtered based on spheres? Many spell lists were condensed and consolidated in later editions, removing some of the unique flavor enjoyed by special priest kits. Have you ever wondered by a Paladin’s holy sword is just so powerful? Well, this book explains everything you need to know to hone in on the essence of that class. And like anything else in your creative arsenal, you should feel free to omit or modify it down to the last detail. There is something about this edition, even with its little quirks, that retains the flavor and experience of old tabletop gaming almost like no other book out there. Are you looking for ways to award more experience points according to character class and attributes outside combat? Look no further than this old gem.

When experiencing The Rhine server for NWN: EE, one will find an extensive homage to this treasured classic in particular.

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook, 2nd Edition

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